The Healthy Work Campaign is committed to teaching the public about what we’ve learned about work and health, and how it impacts all of us, including through videos and presentations. We strive to create media content that is informative and engaging for those wanting to understand or achieve healthy work as part of their role in an organization or community.

Our videos and slides/presentations are sobering, but hopeful. As with all of our resources, we strive to provide concrete follow-up actions, which we hope inspire you to engage in promoting healthy work as part of your organizational role and even to participate in collective action.

Please enjoy these resources and, if you have any feedback, let us know. We’d love to hear from you. And please stay tuned for much more in this section in the coming months.


“Working on Empty” Meet the Experts: Dr. Peter Schnall (Video #1)

“Working on Empty” Meet the Experts: Dr. Peter Schnall (Video #h5)

“Working on Empty” Meet the Experts: Marnie Dobson Zimmerman, PhD

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