Category: work stressors

Workplace conditions that are contributing to the Covid-19 epidemic

Workplace conditions for essential workers typically have three characteristics that contribute to increased risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus and, once infected, more severe illness:Enclosed spacesHigh population densityPersistent work stressors contribute to biological stress which in turn impacts the workers immune systemAs a consequence we have multiple, structurally imposed feedback loopsMany workers vulnerable to COVID19.Many workers exposed to covid-19 at work Many workers bring iCOVID-19 back to their communities. Living conditions for essential…

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New Springer publication from CSE researchers on consequences of work stressors

My colleagues Marnie Dobson, Ellen Rosskam, Paul Landsbergis and I are pleased to see our recent paper: “Work-Related Burden of Absenteeism, Presenteeism, and Disability: An Epidemiologic and Economic Perspective” included in Springer’s Handbook of Disability, Work and Health . For many years, we have been developing and demonstrating the important role of psychosocial stressors in understanding the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease in industrialized countries.  …

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Healthy Work Survey nears completion

After two years of work our new workplace survey (titled Healthy Work Survey) intended to allow individual, workplaces and groups to assess their workplace stressors and their impact on one’s health is nearing completion. A draft has been circulated for comments and is undergoing a second revision. Once completed we will begin computerizing the survey so it can be placed online at for use by our community….

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