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MassCOSH COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide for Essential Workers

The Massachusetts Coaltion for Occupational Safety and Health is maintaining “Health and Safety Protections and How to Make Them Happen” for essential workers. Although there are feedback links, this is a read-only Google doc.         This guide was compiled by the MassCOSH Health Tech Committee, a committee of occupational health and safety experts, and is updated regularly to reflect the most recent information available in the field….

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What We Are Reading Now

Here’s what we are reading now “Chris Cuomo, Stay in Bed” (Politico, April 6, 2020) “Gaps in Amazon’s Response as Virus Spreads to More Than 50 Warehouses” (NY Times, April 5, 2020) “The Amazon Warehouse Worker Who Can’t Stay Home” (GEN/Medium, March 24, 2020) “Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines” (NY Times, March 30, 2020) What are you reading?…

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