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Our Healthy Work Campaign colleague Paul Landsbergis and a group of his students are researching and creating case histories addressing strategies that unions, worker advocates, and researchers have used to reduce specific “psychosocial work stressors” and/or improve working conditions.

To see them, scroll down to “FIRST – Learn about strategies that address work stressors” — from here and follow the links.


Marnie Dobson, Ph.D. and Pouran Faghri, M.D. wrote “Reopening Schools: Ensuring Healthy Work for K-12 Educators” for the Center for the Promotion of Health – New England (a Total Worker Health Center of Excellence at UMASS-Lowell) newsletter. They begin:

School reopening during COVID-19 is a worker health and safety issue. This August-September, thousands of teachers and staff and their unions were concerned about being forced back into classrooms by state and local governments, some in districts which did not follow recommended CDC guidelines regarding physical distancing or mask-wearing. While many of the largest school districts in the country decided to begin the school year in online learning, many other schools even in regions with a high level of virus transmission that tried to open in-person, experienced outbreaks and were forced to close again.” Continue reading here


The Healthy Work Campaign Survey has been completed and is being reviewed by outside colleagues.

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