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Healthy Work Now Newsletter No. 6 – A Note Marnie Dobson & Peter Schnall 

A note from HWC Co-Directors, Marnie Dobson & Peter Schnall The world has vastly changed since our last newsletter (December 2019) as we face an unprecedented global pandemic. The coronavirus (specifically COVID-19, named after the year it was discovered) has changed our personal lives dramatically as we try to slow its spread, or “flatten the curve,” in order to prevent an overwhelming load of hospitalizations and deaths. For those families who have lost loved ones,…

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Our New Webinar: Identifying and Preventing Work Stressors to Reduce Chronic Disease

On March 11, 2020, HWC team members, Drs. Paul Landsbergis, Marnie Dobson and Peter Schnall presented Identifying and Preventing Work Stressors to Reduce Chronic Disease: The Healthy Work Campaig n, a webinar hosted by the Center for Healthy Work, University of Illinois, Chicago, a Total Worker Health® Center of Excellence. See slides here. The full webinar – voice and slides- will be posted shortly. The Healthy Work Survey project is progressing. We are now working…

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What We Are Reading Now

Here’s what we are reading now “Chris Cuomo, Stay in Bed” (Politico, April 6, 2020) “Gaps in Amazon’s Response as Virus Spreads to More Than 50 Warehouses” (NY Times, April 5, 2020) “The Amazon Warehouse Worker Who Can’t Stay Home” (GEN/Medium, March 24, 2020) “Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines” (NY Times, March 30, 2020) What are you reading?…

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