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Stress in the Time of COVID-19

As we published our new Medium Article last week Blurred Boundaries: Work-life balance in the time of COVID-19, we received a newly released Stress in America report from the American Psychological Association (APA) on Stress in the Time of COVID-19. Between March 26 and April 4, at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, a survey of a representative sample of 3,000+ U.S. adults was conducted on behalf of the APA to get a current…

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High levels of work stress among Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers experience high levels of work stress particularly when driving in crowded urban areas. The Center for Social Epidemiology has been working for the past 6 years with the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the bus driver union SMART as well as the SMART-MTA-Trust Fund. This past year we worked with 400 LA Bus drivers to assess work stressors and their impact on driver health. Bus drivers have the highest prevalence…

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