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How to protect “essential’ working people from COVID-19 Epidemic

To protect the vulnerable from Covid-19 requires active, assertive and comprehensive identification of 1) those at risk; 2) those infected (but not symptomatic); 3) those with active symptoms; and 4) those who have been infected and now have immunity and can safely return to work. Groups 2 and 3 above pose great danger to our essential workers on the front line of the battle against this epidemic. To provide adequate protection to health workers…

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New Healthy Work Strategies for urban bus drivers

Urban bus driving is a highly stressful occupation. Even now during Covid-19 these essential workers are on the front lines, risking exposure helping to transport people where they need to be. In the best of times, bus drivers need to be highly vigilant to avoid accidents and injuries to themselves and the public. Vigilance is stressful and results in bus drivers having some of the highest rates of hypertension of any occupation. Driving is…

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High levels of work stress among Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers experience high levels of work stress particularly when driving in crowded urban areas. The Center for Social Epidemiology has been working for the past 6 years with the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the bus driver union SMART as well as the SMART-MTA-Trust Fund. This past year we worked with 400 LA Bus drivers to assess work stressors and their impact on driver health. Bus drivers have the highest prevalence…

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