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Health and safety consequences of Reopening Schools

Marnie Dobson, PhD, Pouran Faghri, MD In July as part of the Healthy Work Campaign , we published Reopening Schools: Mental Health vs Health & Safety on the debate raging in the U.S. about whether schools (K-12) could safely re-open in the fall for in-person classes despite the surging COVID-19 pandemic. The debate seemed to hinge on whether the health and safety concerns related to the pandemic could be outweighed by the educational deficits and…

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Workplace conditions that are contributing to the Covid-19 epidemic

Workplace conditions for essential workers typically have three characteristics that contribute to increased risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus and, once infected, more severe illness:Enclosed spacesHigh population densityPersistent work stressors contribute to biological stress which in turn impacts the workers immune systemAs a consequence we have multiple, structurally imposed feedback loopsMany workers vulnerable to COVID19.Many workers exposed to covid-19 at work Many workers bring iCOVID-19 back to their communities. Living conditions for essential…

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Healthy Work this Labor Day!

On this Labor Day weekend, we have to recognize the toll this pandemic has taken on the lives of so many workers. Essential workers, including bus drivers, grocery workers, food processing/meat-packing workers, health care workers and many others have been risking their health or lives working. The federal government has failed in its response, with no overall plan for testing and contact tracing, inconsitent messaging on PPE and masking, and now 186,000 or more…

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