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Mayday, Mayday 2020: Workplace Mental Health, Stress and Injury Prevention

Mayday, Mayday is an internationally recognized cry for help. “Mayday” is a celebration of “the contribution of workers the world over… … and “the critically important subject of Workplace Mental Health, especially as we all strive to cope with the impact of the current global pandemic. This 5 week series…” draws speakers from across Ontario and beyond to highlight and share solutions to Workplace Mental Health, Stress & Injury Prevention with consideration for both the…

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Our New Webinar: Identifying and Preventing Work Stressors to Reduce Chronic Disease

On March 11, 2020, HWC team members, Drs. Paul Landsbergis, Marnie Dobson and Peter Schnall presented Identifying and Preventing Work Stressors to Reduce Chronic Disease: The Healthy Work Campaig n, a webinar hosted by the Center for Healthy Work, University of Illinois, Chicago, a Total Worker Health® Center of Excellence. See slides here. The full webinar – voice and slides- will be posted shortly. The Healthy Work Survey project is progressing. We are now working…

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