Category: Behavioral Risk Factors

Future directions needed for California Occupational Health Indicators

The State of California issued its annual report on Occupational Health Exposures at the workplace for 2019. The excellent report focuses on a # of occupational exposures but has no information on occupational psychosocial work hazards. It is very important that information on work stressors be added to future surveys as they consitute the bulk of risk for negative health outcomes among working people today. Psychosocial hazards are closely related to traditional workplace risk factors…

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Letter to the editor re air travel published by JAMA

When Passengers Remove Masks Flying Remains a Risk Published Oct 1 Peter Schnall, Professor of Medicine | U of California at Irvine Airlines continue to make progress in improving the safety of passengers from contacting and contracting Covid-19. The filtered air in the planes is not the issue IF the planes have newer HEPA filters (not all do). Unfortunately, the main safety problem is that on an airline passengers remain in close proximity to each…

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