Category: Month: October 2020

Health and safety consequences of Reopening Schools

Marnie Dobson, PhD, Pouran Faghri, MD In July as part of the Healthy Work Campaign , we published Reopening Schools: Mental Health vs Health & Safety on the debate raging in the U.S. about whether schools (K-12) could safely re-open in the fall for in-person classes despite the surging COVID-19 pandemic. The debate seemed to hinge on whether the health and safety concerns related to the pandemic could be outweighed by the educational deficits and…

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Letter to the editor re air travel published by JAMA

When Passengers Remove Masks Flying Remains a Risk Published Oct 1 Peter Schnall, Professor of Medicine | U of California at Irvine Airlines continue to make progress in improving the safety of passengers from contacting and contracting Covid-19. The filtered air in the planes is not the issue IF the planes have newer HEPA filters (not all do). Unfortunately, the main safety problem is that on an airline passengers remain in close proximity to each…

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Linking job characteristics to mortality

This past week, an article in the Journal of Applied Psychology of the American Psychological Association found that job demands affect employee health outcomes. In This job is (literally) killing me: A moderated-mediated model linking work characteristics to mortality, the authors used theories from the work stress and medical literatures to argue that job control and cognitive ability moderate the positive relationship between job demands and the probability of mortality. They do so via…

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