Category: Month: May 2020

Is the government giving up on protecting working people from Covid-19

It appears that the U.S. government is exploring the possibility of trying to get working people back on the job without providing them with adequate protection in the form of PPE or insisting on proper social distancing. Sending people back to work without protection is a very poor form of trying to achieve herd immunity by infecting the entire population. Unfortunately, there are a few problems with trying to develop herd immunity now in…

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Work Stressors contribute to the following health outcomes

There has been a lot of work documenting the role of work stressors in contributing to illness in working people. The list of health outcomes is considerable. Work stressors such as job strain, imbalance between effort and reward (ERI) , threat avoidant vigilance (TAV), lack of social support at work, long work hours, job insecurity and many play a role in health outcomes. These outcomes include mental health outcomes such as AnxietyExhaustionBurnout Depression as…

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