Category: Month: January 2020

Future directions needed for California Occupational Health Indicators

The State of California issued its annual report on Occupational Health Exposures at the workplace for 2019. The excellent report focuses on a # of occupational exposures but has no information on occupational psychosocial work hazards. It is very important that information on work stressors be added to future surveys as they consitute the bulk of risk for negative health outcomes among working people today. Psychosocial hazards are closely related to traditional workplace risk factors…

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New Case Histories re Bus Driver Interventions now available

Summaries of interventions to reduce job stress among urban bus drivers in Copenhagen and Stockholm are now available on our website. The case histories describe efforts to identify various sources of stress bus drivers are exposed to while driving and provide solutions such as scheduling changes, etc. which were implemented with varying degrees of success. The case histories can be found here at…

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